Tips For Scheduling Tournaments For One Of The World’s Most Popular Sports

Seeing as how we are currently in the middle of one of the sporting world’s most anticipated and elite events the Olympics, sports seems to be on everybody’s minds these! Held in Rio this time around, athletes from all across the globe have converged to put on display their skills and compete for themselves and for their countries in a show of prowess and sportsmanship that is truly out of this world (we are looking at you Michael Phelps). As much as all the events are awe-inspiring, even more so is the organisation that goes behind such a massive event. Needless to say it should be flawless and executed as seamlessly as possible. Which is why, when it comes to organizing tours for one of the world’s most popular sports, this guide should help you out. The sport in question? Why golf of course!


Well, location obviously refers to a city or country but in this case it specifically means the course you plan to hold your tournament in. Just as you would select a suitable spot for a golf tour with a few friends for a change of venue for instance, it is important to put in a lot of thought into the type of course you are going to book. A good place to start would be to chat with the staff and ask them for assistance when it comes to matters as capacity as well as facilities to hold any post-game events such as an awards ceremony. 


Everybody likes gifts and if you are having an awards ceremony afterwards then you had best plan out your gifts beforehand. If you are enlisting any sponsors on board, perhaps they can help you out with the prizes. You could award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and also allocate for participation prizes and any others you might want to give away to special guests you plan to invite along for the event. Just remember not to tighten your purse strings on this one!


At the end of the day you are organizing this events because you hope to get something out of it. Are you doing it to raise awareness for a charity? Are you doing it so that the golf community in your region can get to know each other better and form better relationships? Are you giving your sponsors an opportunity to promote themselves? Just as you would look into golf tours with the aim of playing in a new location, keep your focus on your goals whatever they may be if you are hoping for a smooth event. Check this link to find out more details.


There is no doubt that you will be ridiculously busy on the day, but it is crucial that your sponsors get the necessary attention. For starters, make sure their banners and other signage is clearly visible and placed well; the quality of any banners and promotional leaflets should also be high. Make sure you speak with them, make them feel comfortable and introduce them to the players. It is not done to let them sit in a corner leaving them to find ways to entertain themselves. They will probably never return! Along with all of the above, your sponsors are also an important part of your event.