How To Plan The Perfect Intimate Wedding

These days it seems that every individual prefers to have an elaborate wedding with countless guests and unlimited budgets. While this may sound good for some individuals they all need to consider the benefits of hosting an intimate wedding. The benefits that one would reap from such a wedding are countless because apart from having a smaller budget the couple would also get the opportunity to spend personal time with each and every one of their guests who has spent time and money to come and celebrate your most important day with you. However, if you are still not sold on this idea then you should proceed to peruse through the article below because it would explore several steps that one would have to follow in order to plan this wedding and would thus illustrate how simple the planning process would be for any potential bridal couple.


If you are planning on hosting a reception for two hundred or three hundred odd guests then you would be required to search through countless finest venues in order to discover the one that would be able to accommodate such a number of guests. However, no matter what you find you can be sure that this would be a big hall where one would not even be able to see all the guests at one glance.

But, if one is opting for a more intimate affair they would then have the budget to shell for a more luxury accommodation in Yarra Valley where one would be able to treat their guests well.

Food & Drinks

When one is planning on an intimate affair there is no need for them to serve their guests cocktails and canapés or merely a buffet. Instead, one would now have the means to host a sit-down dinner for their guests, would have the opportunity to serve well-paired wine with each course of the meal. Furthermore, instead of being forced to serve sparkling wine during the toast the couple would now have the opportunity to shell out on quality champagne.


Instead of opting towards DIY arrangements and balloons one would now have the means to invest in gorgeous flower arrangements. However, this does not have to be as expensive as you may think because a couple of quality flower arrangements would be sufficient for the entire reception instead of having to waste money on numerous cheaper décor items.

Thus, with the help of the aforementioned guide, one would be able to understand the benefits they would derive from hosting an intimate reception to celebrate the most important day of their lives.