Beware Of The Snatchers: How To Outsmart The Pickpockets

Wherever there is a crowd with money, there you will find a couple of purse snatchers. These thieves make away with purses and wallets from unsuspecting victims and ditch their loot as soon as they have emptied them, with the result that the police can do little more than identify the pickpockets. Even that becomes impossible if they were wearing gloves. So it’s up to us to take certain steps to ensure that pickpockets do not pick ours. Here’s how:

Do Not Cause Temptation

Yes, that sounds like victim blaming; no one deserved to be robbed. But the reality is that the harder you make it for pickpockets to reach for the money, the less likely it is that they will try. Most pickpockets don’t care who they rob, only how much they can score. So if your purse or wallet or money clip is buried deep inside you bag/ hand bag, chances are, you will feel it when they are rooting inside. So they won’t even try. Never place your money and valuables in side pockets with a zipper as they can be easily opened without your knowledge. 

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

It’s easy to be distracted on the road: your kids may be pulling your clothes, asking for ice cream; you may be on rail holidays in Queensland with a group of friends and you’re lost, trying to find your way; or you could just be admiring the scenery. Pickpockets take advantage of the fact that you are distracted and make off with your valuables. You may not even know of the theft till hours later, by which time it will be near impossible to get it back.

Be especially vigilant if you are on rail holidays as railways usually have a bad rap with crime – the overcrowding, the rush hours, the fact that everyone is bumping into someone else makes it easier for pickpockets to operate. Looking for railway tour packages, browse this page for details.

Leave a Decoy

This is something that students do all the time: squash the real money deep within the recesses of their school bags, but leave a small note or two in an outer pocket for emergencies. That way, it’s easily reachable if you need to buy a ticket so you don’t need to flash all the cash inside your purse for everyone to see. You can do the same by leaving small- denomination bills in the outer pockets of your handbag or briefcase. You can even add some loose change so that the jangle of the coins will stop any pickpocket from disturbing the contents too much.