What Can You Expect In Bhutan?

Bhutan attracts its visitors due to its natural beauty and hiking facilities. Along with lovely nature you can also witness the beauty of man-made architectures in the kingdom of Bhutan which are maintained till now.

While packing your bags for your upcoming hiking tours in Bhutan, you can make a list of things to see and do there. Here are some places and things which can be seen in Bhutan.

The Himalayas:

When you are in Bhutan you are probably 4000 feet above from the sea level. This will not create any problem for normal people but the people who are smoker and are suffering from respiratory problems can have some serious problems of breathing. There are many trek routes but in the normal ways people can feel that problem. So, it will be better to take precautions for that and take proper medical kit for emergencies. As it is in the Himalayas if you have better health condition you will enjoy your hiking tours to the fullest. If you are unable, then there are vehicles to take care of you.

The Bhutanese:

Bhutanese are mainly Buddhist and they are very well in behavior to their guests. They do not like to interact with the rest of the world, they are quite happy with their country. You can easily befriend with them and enjoy the trip; this is really rare on other tours. Local people will help you in every situation and as you can easily interact with the locals the trip will be more enjoying, it is seriously the biggest benefit. If you are interested you can visit this site for bhutan tour company.

The food:

The meal will be available in a hotel you are staying. They mainly offer buffet, and tea and coffee are always available. In their local cuisines you will find vegetables which are grown at their own country. Restaurants are few and it is better to eat at the hotel to feel the ambience.


If you love shopping, then there are lots of things to buy. You will find many shops at the market and everywhere. Some common things which you can take as souvenir include tapestries, thangkas, traditional clothing, and food items etc. But as they do not manufacture the items they import from different countries and that is why the items are sold in an expensive way.

The hotels:

There are many hotels for the visitors and they are quite affordable. Three or four star hotels are easily for middle class people and you will get attached bathrooms, heater etc. But it will be better to book the hotel from where you are going.