The Evolution Of The Service Industry

A Simple Past and a Complicated Present

The service industry has changed over the years. Service used to be simple, but with changing times, and the increasing complexity of human needs and wants, the industry has to remodel itself to cater to the needs of a multitude of different people. The evolving nature of technology plays a large part in this change too.

Take the tourism industry as an example. A decade ago, a travel agent was a necessary part, when a person was planning a trip. The travel agent planned the trip for you, picked the places you may want to visit, planned the modes of transportation, and gave his list of recommendations about golf accommodation at Island Breeze Motel, all within the budget you could afford. Whether it was a plane ride to another country, or a sea-cruise trip around the world, the travel agent had the duty of informing the would-be-travelers everything they needed to know, to have a good time on their holiday. Everything had to be planned, starting from the moment a person arrived at the destination until they got home.

But internet and viral marketing, has changed the way world works. Today you can book train tickets, plane tickets online. There really is no need for a travel agent. Places to stay, restaurants to eat from, modes of transportation and the affordability of these things can be checked through one’s smart phones which is within hand’s reach, and the role of the travel agent has become redundant. Technology has changed the service industry.

We can also take about the changes in hotels and resorts. Earlier people would be satisfied with a standard room, with the minimum amount of utensils. But today, people are not satisfied if their standard or deluxe rooms or luxurious suites are not air-conditioned with Wifi facilities. Complimentary items such as the welcome drink, chocolates and exotic wines, adds to the status of the hotel, which are the minute details that really impress guests. The tea bags, kettle and mugs, the hairdryer in the bathroom, the room service menu offering continental breakfast, have become necessary things, the guests expect their rooms to have. Even if the theme of the hotel incorporates natural elements and historical architecture, into their structure, all the modern comforts like a well-equipped bathroom with heating facilities, need to be installed, to provide ultimate customer satisfaction with King Island accommodation cottages.      

Moreover the banking system has undergone automation. The connection between the banker and the customer has been overtaken by machines. Electronic banking, ATMs are examples of how the banking service has undergone change. The sophisticated restaurants of today offer expensive meals made from the freshest ingredients, and the lack of good service will be immediately felt though various food critics and bloggers who visit these restaurants and take about them through in their articles, blogs, talk-shows.

These are the ways in which the service industry has evolved. Technology is a beautiful as well as intimidating thing, that has completely changed we react to things.